From Mark Mason and JB Magic


No Tear by Tony Stevens and Mark Mason $25


The classic No Tear torn and restored newspaper now comes complete with a full instructional dvd.


Show several torn pieces of newspaper, read a joke from each piece. In the blink of an eye the pieces restore into a full newspaper.The paper can be shown both back and front, this looks amazing.

The included dvd takes you through everything step by step.

Chapters include performance, explanation, bonus tips and a chapter on jokes/gags, that are perfect for this routine.

Comes complete and ready to perform with the newspaper and routine.



Blink by Mark Mason $12


New style
  • Now Twice as Fast and Half as Thick!
  • NO Dental Dam Used!
  • Changes the Card Faster than a Blink of the Eye!

A card is selected and returned to the deck, the magician claims he will find the card. You look through the deck and remove one card and place it onto the face of the deck. The spectator claims this is the wrong card. You now slowly wave the deck up and down. The card VISUALLY CHANGES into the selection. No covering the deck with your hands or a silk etc the card is in full view the entire time. The selection is removed and shown on both sides. You need to see it to believe it. BLINK IS AMAZING.

Bicycle Poker cards. Made by JB Magic
Unbelievable Workmanship!



Misers Delight Pro $200



JB Magic has added several brand new features to the Misers Delight bag. Along with all the usual features, you can now make the lights cascade in and out of the bag. Plus the new incredible electronics will allow you to remove all 14 lights one light at a time. This looks FANTASTIC

You have to see these bags to believe both the effect and quality of them. Every bag is individually made by an electronics expert.

The bags have 3 different settings, manual, variable timer and infrared. Each setting will allow 14 lights to appear or vanish one at a time inside the bag.

Manual: allows the lights to appear while you are holding the bag.

Infrared: everytime you wave your hand near the bag a light appears.

Variable Timer: lights appear every few seconds in the bag while you are nowhere near the bag.

Perfect for stand up, children's shows or cabaret. Using a red d'lite you pluck a bright red lite from thin air. The light appears and vanishes at will. Finally toss the light into the bag. The light shows through the semi transparent frosted bag, then visually drops down inside the bag (this looks amazing). When the bag is full any time you wish you blow in the bag and all the lights instantly vanish.

Top quality bag and craftmanship. We will have these in limited numbers so do not miss out. Highest recommendation, High-tech magic

"Mark, I just received the new PRO X. All I can say is wow, wow, wow."
- Bill Powell, AZ

"Mark, My "Misers Delight" arrived today, what can I say.....what an excellent effect, Cypriots now think I really am a Witch!!!""
- Christo

"The misers pro X arrived today, great job Mark. I love it."
- Chuck P., Long Island.

"Hi Mark, The bag arrived today - its brilliant! Showed Paul & Debbie your ad and video this morning and she loved it too Just caught them tonight before they went out for dinner and showed them it on my webcam and Paul told me already ordered one. Can't wait to put it into my Christmas show! Regards."
- Martin Duffy

"Mark this is the best trick I have had in years, send me another one."
- Lol James

"Absolutely brilliant, putting this in my new show straight away."
- Dave Bison

"I love this bag, its going straight into my act."
- Andy Green

"Mark, I just had to email and let you know, I have already used the misers pro delight bag in 4 children's shows last weekend. It is BRILLIANT."
- Alan Newgy- Midlands.

"Mark, thanks the bag arrived today, have to say everything you said is 100% accurate. Even my WIFE loves it."
- Steve - USA

"Mark -The misers bag is the best trick i have purchased all year. i performed it on Sunday and the reaction was nothing short of brilliant! Thanks!"
- Geoff Lucas

"Hi JB, the bag arrived today; what can I say, it's a brilliant end to the d'lite routine."
- Michael Grant

"Hi Mark Just wanted to say The Misers Dream arrived here down under today absolutely fantastic mate , haven't put it down all day !! cant wait to put it in my routine in time for Christmas. Many thanks."
- Steve Australia


E-Case by Mark Mason w/ DVD $150


Silent but Deadly.

The hit of the MAGICLIVE dealers room

This electronic hand built unit, allows you to create the perfect signed card, to card case.

The E CASE utilizes a brand new method, that's hip cool and up to date.

Take a trip with Mark Mason, as the training DVD takes you step by step through every detail. You will love the creative method, the ease, yet quite ingenious device that you simply slide inside any regular card case. The E Case gives you all the tools required to perform this classic of magic.

Comments made about E Case

"That's just great."
- David Blaine

"I like to stand and watch the gimmick."
- Bill Malone

"Terrific idea."
- R Paul Wilson

"I don't like it, I love it."
- Oscar Munoz

"Mark, You are a genius."
- Losander

"Great Idea."
- John Bannon

"Shut my mouth."
- Eugene Berger

"Ill take one."
- Eric Jones

"Please let me review this."
- David Regal

"That's great."
- Greg Wilson

Points to remember

  • You go nowhere near the card case, before the card is revealed.
  • Any card case.
  • Any signed card.
  • No slits, slots or loading the case of any kind
  • Brand new revolutionary gimmick
  • Instant reset.


Flick w/ DVD by Mark Mason $30


From J B Magic comes Wayne Dobson's comedy card to pocket routine.

With no deck of cards and no palming.
A spectator is asked to think of any card, The pages of a small 6 x 4 inch book are flicked through. The story unfolds, as the pages pass. A small cartoon boy reaches into his pocket and removes one bicycle playing card. The magician states that this is the card the spectator is thinking of. To prove this, the spectator is asked to reach inside the magicians jacket pocket. They do this, there is one card and one card only in the pocket. When removed it is the spectators thought of card.
Comes complete with specially printed flick book and dvd with step by step instructions and bonus handlings.


Validate w/ DVD by Val Le Val and JB Magic $35


The hit of the IBM/SAM convention, sold out in 1 day!


The perfect, ANY card at ANY date diary effect. With only one diary, no outs, no memory work and a regular deck of cards. You can perform this knockout effect. No odd or even dates, absolutely any date can be named. No force this is a different card EVERYTIME. The selected card is ALWAYS printed next to the spectators freely chosen date.
Also can be performed using any cellphone, i-phone or palm pilot.

Perfect for strolling, restaurants, NO RESET

Comes with high quality professionally printed diary and step by step instructional dvd.

Running Time Approximately 50min

"Fooled me, I have no idea."
- Chris Kenner

"The diary plot is a favorourite of mine. When Val Le-Val demonstrated his new diary trick for me, I was struck by its simplicity and directness of effect. With absolutely no memory work involved, you can do this at any given moment with only one deck and the one diary to carry. It's clever, practical and effective."
- Peter Duffie

"I love validate, its great."
- Henry Evans


Copy Cash by Mark Mason w/ DVD $20



A regular piece of blank paper is folded in half, then again into quarters and finally into eighth's. Without any moves, sleights, thumb tips etc the blank piece of paper VISUALLY turns into a $20 bill. The $20 is unfolded and shown on BOTH SIDES. Something is wrong, this is only photocopy of a $20. Fold the photocopy in half, quarters and eighth's. Again no moves of ANY KIND. The photocopy VISUALLY turns into a REAL $20 bill. Unfold the $20 show it on BOTH SIDES amd HAND OUT the same $20 for EXAMINATION.

Two brilliant handlings are taught step by step on the intructional dvd.

Once you watch the dvd you can make this up in any currency in the world in 5 minutes. You will love copy cash!

Comes with DVD, blanks and specially printed bills in pounds, dollars and euros.


Th1rte3n (13) by Nicholas Paul and JB Magic - DVD $30



An ingenious gimmick that allows the perfect card at any number!

Prepare to blow people away with Thirteen.

You will laugh out loud when you see both the gimmick and the method for this brilliant piece of magic. Already being called the trick of 2008, do not miss this.

The perfect card at any number, 100% correct every time. No force, a different card every time. A brilliant method and gimmick that allows you to perform this classic effect.

  • No outs

  • Only one deck used

  • Resets itself every time

  • Always bang on the card.

An incredible piece of mentalism, great gimmick, Simple to do, with MAXIMUM impact. Perfect for strolling and stand up performers.

Real Mentalism? or Simply TH1RTE3N?

Comes complete with precision made gimmick and instructional DVD.


Come Fly With Me - Mark Mason $310

The Most Anticipated Effect In Years In Half Dollars
JB Magic Perfection!!! And with Extremely High Quality DVD 

"Mark Mason's 'Come Fly With Me' is a tremendous version of Three Fly. It's wildly visual and as usual Mark has put his own creative spin on things that take it to the next level. When Mark showed it to me I was thrilled. It was U3F...but different. He's added a special gimmick that makes his nifty handling easy even for a beginner in coin magician. CFWM is a totally professional routine that gets both my praise and my blessing. It's packed with incredible training and value."
"A rare piece of magic, don't let it FLY by you". Jeff McBride.
"The most intimate version money can buy. Feels like real magic". R.Paul Wilson
"I didn't think it was possible to perfect perfection....i was wrong " Daniel Garcia
"This routine is amazing, It looks excellent". Jorg Alexander. (finger flickers)
"This is what real magic should look like. People have started religions with less than this". WayneDobson
"Thats truly amazing coin magic" Gene Anderson
"Astounding. Quite simply the best and easiest version of 3 fly I've ever seen."
Richard Kaufman (editor, Genii magazine)
"Even I can do this and believe me I will over and over and over again." Stephen Bargatze
"It took my breath away". Bob Fitch
"Brilliant, I'll take one right now". John Lenahan

**Mark would like to thank both, Bob Kohler and Steve Dusheck for their kind permission in allowing come fly with me to be produced.

Complete with all the precision made coins and a step by step instructional DVD.
Made in USA Half dollars. This set of coins is the highest workmanship.
They have been made to last a lifetime.


Revelation by Wayne Dobson and Mark Mason w/ DVD $20


We recently purchased the rights to this excellent effect from Wayne. Having worked long and hard together with Wayne we have come up with a winner. A packet of 9 cards is placed on the table. Ask a spectator to THINK of ANY card in a deck (no force of any kind it really is any card they wish). The small packet of cards are turned over one at a time. Each card reveals a different gag, as you ask different questions. was your card the 15 of diamonds, how about the 14 of spades, was it a credit card, a bingo card, this card (card has THIS printed on it), phone card, etc. finally the last card says your card is in my pocket.

You reach into your pocket and remove your own business card as you say “This is my card, but I am sure you will want to keep it when I tell you. You are thinking of...” you name the card they are thinking of. Sounds impossible but it's not you really name their thought of card.

Comes complete with 9 specially printed bicycle cards that do all the work for you, also features extra handlings and bonus handling tips on the DVD. best way to hand out a business card ever.



Hung, Drawn and Quartered $100


JB Magic Elite Line

" If you only tie your shoes with your shoelaces you are missing out

Includes Step by Step Instructional DVD 

In Stock Now!

Resets in 2 seconds, Jaw Dropping Reactions from Laymen!
EXTREMELY High Quality Precision Manufactured Coin Set

Every detail has been taken care off by the JB manufacturing coin expert.
Perfect for strolling, restaurants & parlour.

Two coins are examined and then threaded onto a regular shoelace. The spectator holds the lace both above and below the coins. There is no way either coin can come off the lace.

Spectator selects either coin.
In the blink of an eye you VISUALLY remove the coin from the shoelace!
Pass the removed coin out for immediate examination (no switch).

NO COVERING OF ANY KIND, NO PUTTING ANYTHING BEHIND YOUR BACK! mick coins, matching regular coins, shoelace and step by step instructional DVD.


Solo $30


Mark Mason JB Magic Impossible Magic
Fantastic Jaw-Dropper Effect

With Step by Step Companion DVD 

  • A deck of cards are removed from its case.

  • The case is handed out for examination, it is empty.

  • 2 JACKS with a hole in the centre are shown both back and front.
    Any card is selected and signed.

  • The signed card is placed in between the 2 Jacks. It can be seen through the holes.
    The cards are spread in a fan all 3 cards can be seen.

  • In a flash the SIGNED card VISUALLY vanishes from the fan!
    The card case is opened and the signed card is removed from inside the case!


Birthday Card - JB Magic  $20


DVD Included!!

Brilliant comedy card at any number, with a mind blowing climax.   
Yes the rumours are true ...the spectator really does count down to ANY number in ANY deck!
AND arrive at the ONLY card with the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY printed across the back!

Whats more a previously shown mini calendar is flipped over and printed on the other side is the EXACT SAME CARD!!

ANY Birthday! ANY Deck!
NO Memory Work! NO Outs! NO Switches!
Easy to Do! Works Every Time!

Comes complete with 2 sets specially printed bicycle gimmicks and an instructional DVD



Ship Deck - JB Magic  $25


SINK Them with JB Magic's SHIP Deck with DVD! 

Instructional DVD Included with Ship Deck!
You claim that you have a prediction.
The 4 aces are removed from a
RED deck and placed off to one side.

The spectator is asked to THINK of ANY card, NOT the SUIT just the VALUE.
Lets assume they are thinking of a 4.
Next they are asked to mix the four aces, these are laid out in a row.
Each ace represents each suit, they select any one of the four aces NO FORCE etc.
They pick just one ace and that card is used. Lets say they pick hearts.

In a fair manner they 've selected the 4 of hearts.
The SAME deck is spread across the table, face up in the deck there is one card and one card only. It is the 4 OF HEARTS!
The 4 is removed and flipped over it is the ONLY card with a
BLUE back in the RED deck!
Sounds & Looks Impossible, NOT with Ship deck!
Instructional DVD Included with special Bicycle Deck.


Touched by an Angel  $15


JB Magic's Most Visual Item Ever 

Any card is selected and signed, the card is flipped face down as you talk about angels.
The two angels on the back of their card are pointed out. A shake of the card and BOTH angels visually vanish from the back of the card, leaving just two blank spaces! The above sequence is very difficult to imagine just how good this looks.

In the blink of an eye both angels reappear back on the card!
The card is then given to the spectator to keep, it is their signed card.
Each & everyone is hand made by Mark Mason himself.

NO Hinges! NO Flips! NO Switches! Angels just Disappear!


JB Magic's Signed And SandWiched! $20


Instructional DVD Included 
A Signed card Materializes in Between Two Kings!

A card is selected, signed and lost in any deck, two kings with joker sandwiched between them are shown placed to one side. Magician tries to find the selected card but fails. The sandwiched packet is picked up and spread once again showing just 2 KINGS and a JOKER. Without any covering, counting, turning over etc, the JOKER VISUALLY starts to change! Its hard to believe but it changes into the SIGNED SELECTION. The spectator removes the selected card from the fan of 3 cards. The remaining kings are freely shown both sides.J.B. Magic's latest effects now come complete with special gimmicks and A FULL STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONAL DVD. The DVD has Mark's performance, explanation and a bonus section of ideas and handling tips.


StickMan Sam w/ DVD - $18


Great Animation Card from JB Mark Mason 
Fantastic Walk Around Magic!

Instructional DVD Included

The Stickman Jumps from Card to Card!

ANY card is freely selected and signed on the face.
Visibly draw a large stickman on the back of any card, YOU REALLY DRAW THE STICKMAN. The stickman jumps off the back of the card onto another card several times. The stickman is cut into the center of the deck only to jump back up to the top! Without cover, etc the stickman VISUALLY jumps off the top card and dives down into the deck! The deck is spread and the stickman is on the back of a card in the centre of the deck. This is their signed selected card!
Precision Made Gimmick in Bicycle!

J.B. Magic's latest effects now come complete with special gimmicks and A FULL STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONAL DVD. Has Performance, Explanation & Bonus Handling section.


Star Gazer $15

Star Gazer by Alan Wong 

Changing the Shape of Rubber Band Magic!  

The magician displays two normal looking rubber bands and begins stretching them into several simple shapes, ending with one of the bands in the shape of a five-pointed star. He releases the bands and one of them remains permanently in the shape of a star! Comes complete with 12 star-shaped bands in red, white, yellow and blue, and two normal bands along with the fully-illustrated, step-by-step instructions.

                                                              We also have Replacement Bands. 

TAG - JB Magic

$15 w/o DVD          $20 with DVD


                                                                                           Tag with No DVD

                                                                                                  Tag with DVD

Image  A GENUINE hole is punched through the incorrect card. Next a tag is passed through the hole and tied so the card is fastened to the tag, NO FAKE TAGS etc. IMPOSSIBLE Magic!
Image  The spectator takes hold of the tag as the card is returned to the deck. The spectator never lets go of the tag. The deck is spread and the spectator pulls the tag from the deck.
Image  The card FASTENED to the tag is now their SIGNED CARD! This can be given away as a souvenir, the tag is permanently fastened to their card. Complete with gimmick and tags (any tags)
Image  Unbelievable Card Magic

Royal Flash w/ DVD - JB $20

Custom Printed Bicycle Poker & DVD! New Printing


Image  The magician runs through any deck and removes the 4 kings and a ten. The 5 cards are displayed BOTH BACK & FRONT at your finger tips.
Image  The following description sounds impossible but happens next:
Image  The 10,J,Q,K and Ace of spades are tossed onto the table one card at a time, showing both sides of every card.
Image  NO Rough & Smooth! NO Rubber Hinges or Tape! Gimmick Does 95% of the Trick! Very Easy to Do!


Perfect $25


Mark Mason's IMPOSSIBLE SHOCKER in Bicycle.    A regular deck of cards is shown and spread face down.
NO Extra or Repeating cards !! ANY card is selected then removed and placed to one side Face-Down.  The cards are dealt one at a time onto the table or into a spectators hand. They can stop you on ANY card!! Absolutely NO Forcing! The card they stop on is placed with the other removed card. These two cards are turned face Up BOTH cards are a MATCHING pair (3 of Diamonds 3 of Hearts) The Cleanest Handling of this effect EVER! NO Switches of ANY Kind!


Twenty One $20 w/ DVD


Image  COMPLETELY SHOCKING, IMPOSSIBLE CARD MAGIC! hand changes to blackjack before their eyes.
Image  Explain that you went to a casino the other night to play blackjack. Show two cards, they are two black 9's. Square up the two cards and re-spread them. The two black 9's turn to two red 10's!
Image  Next the 10 of Diamonds suddenly changes into a black Ace. This Ace (NO Switch) is handed out to the spectator for inspection. Now, turn the remaining card Face-Up, it's a BLACKJACK!
Image  SIX changes from TWO cards! Precision-made gimmick does all the work! The backs and fronts are shown on every change!




CORNERED: The magician removes a deck of cards. He shuffles the deck and has a card selected and signed. The magician displays both sides of the card very openly on all sides and shows both of his hands to be absolutely empty. He then tears a corner off the card. The torn off piece and the card are again very freely displayed. The magician then waves the card over the piece and the torn piece visually pops back onto the card! The card can again be shown freely on both sides! The signed card can then be handed to the spectator for examination and as a souvenir!