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Ultimate Control By Happie Amp $399


Ultimate control comes with mp3 player, remote, ear phones, computer cord, and wall adapter in a box.

Mp3 player
The mp3 player is made is manufactured in a factory that makes mp3 players. THIS IS NOT GARAGE ELECTRONICS but a real professional device. We spent over a year designing the firmware for the device to be exactly what an entertainer needs.

LED light flashes when signal from remote is received

Track # playing is displayed large on the screen

Setting so the screen will not time out

Simple interface with windows and Mac

Easily move your songs from iTunes®

Plays mp3, wma, wav files

Easily make many different playlists

Set device so songs play continuously or so songs will cue up and pause waiting for a command

Make playlists right in the device

Edit playlists right in the device

Set individual track volumes to regulate the natural differences from downloading from different locations and for dramatic effect in your presentation (aka- a sentimental piece can have a low volume track playing in the background without having to touch controls)

Equalizer settings to adjust sound thru different speakers

MicroSD card slot for added memory

The remote
The remote is also factory made. The design was created by a think tank of 8 entertainers with every last entertainers needs in mind.
Fade out button on the side allows music to fade out in a quick squeeze of the remote

Custom designed by entertainers for entertainers

Curved back so it fits around your leg and won’t flip around in your pocket

Strap option to strap it to your leg, arm, or belt instead of putting it your pocket

Feel the buttons click when pressed so you know you pressed the button

Raised spots on next track and volume up buttons to you know what button you are pushing

Shaped button so you know what button you are pushing

Common battery is easy to change

Specifically paired to mp3 so there will be no interference even if someone else in the same room is using the same device. Operates on 915MHZ band.



UHF Sound System By Happie Amp $449


There is nothing on the market like it!!
Comes with: handheld wireless mic, 2 wireless transmitters, 2 headset mics, 2 lapel mics, speaker/receiver/radio/mp3 player unit, power cord, carrying case, arm strap.

UHF 668 to 697MHz (crystal clear COMPLIANT frequencies)
2 wireless channels plus a input for music
100 user selectable frequencies for each channel (this is GOLD!)
65 watts
Dimensions: 12.6 x 7 x 8.5 inches
Mounting hole in the bottom for a tripod (yes, we offer the tripod)
Mp3, radio, USB port BUILT IN!!! (comes with infrared remote)
2 belt pack transmitters and handheld mic sync to the user selected frequency
NO EXTERNAL ANTENNA!!! (everything is enclosed)
internal lithium ion battery (this is the cream of the crop! 10-15 year battery with no memory issues like lead acid batteries have!!!!)
100-250V transformer can be used anywhere in the world!
Yes, you can still link multiple units like the Happie Amp.

Similar systems sell for OVER $1200!! I kid you not!

This is HUGE for entertainers who are picky about sound. Happie Amp is the BEST VHF option… but still VHF. The HA UHF Pro is UHF!!


Happie Amp 2 Sound System By Happie Amp $275


Happie Amp 2.0 is the leading portable PA system for entertainers, speakers, and wedding officiants. 2 people can speak at once, internal rechargeable battery, loud enough for up to 400 people!

This model comes with:
Speaker/Receiver with individual volume controls for mics and inputs for your music device, tone, and echo controls, and internal rechargeable sealed lead acid battery.
2 belt pack transmitters that can be used at the same time
1 Handheld mic
2 headset mics
2 lapel mics
Power cord (to recharge internal battery or use when plugged in)
2 9V batteries to get you started
Soft carrying case

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Handheld microphone is now included. Great for someone to introduce you or when they ask to borrow your mic.