Mikame unfortunately has gone out of business. We have some items still in stock, so email us for what we still have.

Psychic Floating Table 


Great for Sťances or Magic Shows! Japanese Foulard ALSO included!

A beautiful wooden table that is used during performance as a prop, then becomes a mind blowing effect. The magician covers the table with a Japanese foulard and both hands are shown to the audience. Magic places his palm down on the Table & it begins to RISE & RISE up in the air! The table then comes to a rest.. The magician can freely show his hands and then once again, cause the table to not defying gravity but also dance in a circular fashion, and side to side. Finally while the table is floating the the table comes to rest and the magician removes the tables cloth from the table and walks away. NO Threads or Magnets! NO Zombie Gimmick! EVEN PERFORM SURROUNDED!


Coin Vanish Handkerchief, MKE 

Mikame's Coin Hank isn't just for coin magic!
Use it for beautiful sleight of hand.
This is not a simple Devil's Hank either, produce the item right in front of their eyes!
Vanish, Produce or Transpose:
This is a gorgeous utility item which everyone needs!
Made of patterned silk from Japan.



MIKAME Poker Size Card Houlette



This is a beautifully made card houlette.  No gimmicks, will hold a Standard Poker Size deck.  Use with my Ultimate Card rise (see new lecture soon) and you have a killer combo.  Beautifully made in the Mikame tradition. Style is slightly different than pictured, spindle is straight, not tapered, but rest assured, so beautiful.





Mikame's Egg Bag isn't close to a standard Bag!

First it is a drawstring style bag so you can find the secret pocket with ease!
The cloth material is super soft and pliable for easy handling during performance!
The combination of material and pattern design make this the most deceptive Egg Bag EVER!
You receive a real empty egg blown and lacquered for durability.

Once you perform with this Bag you'll know how good this effect really is!


Brass Hardware!


Smooth Interior!




All in Full View!




NO Funny Moves!




MIKAME Card Case - Magnetic  


The Mikame Card Case is 1 of a Kind in the world! IT'S MAGNETIC!
Made in Hardwood and High Gloss Stained to Look like a piece of art!

Have a card selected from the EXAMINED deck.
Put the card back into the deck and shuffle it good!
Now cut the deck in half and put 1/2 the deck inside the wooden card case.
The spectator looks through the half for their selected card, but it's not there!
So you shake the card case until ONE card comes through the slot.
Yes it's their Selected Card!

bullet Many Routines Possible!
bullet NO Double Cards!
bullet NO Gimmick Cards of Any Kind!
bullet Completely Examinable!


MIKAME Color Vision



Mikame has manufactured a piece of art you'll be glad you have.
Show an exotic wood box and lid, also a cube with 6 different colored circles screened on all 6 sides.
Ask spectator to put a favorite color on the cube facing up and put the lid on the box.
You name their chosen color without actually opening the box.

bullet Super Smooth Handling!
bullet Finished Interior!


MIKAME Tiny Sponge Ball Box


A Small wooden box shown completely Empty.
A snap of the fingers and a 2" sponge ball or a 12" silk appears!
The box is open on three sides and can be completely shown empty.


Super High Quality!


Quick Reset!


Just 2 inches!


Instant Appearance!


Removable Lid!


Toyota Box


Great Changing Box

Satoshi Toyota who has given great impact on the world of magic with the Mystery key holder has brought upon a new magic. Original yet simple the box is made, will be the door to many great tricks. The feature of this box is the form of the box calculated to look if only one deck fits inside. The box is good for use of switch, change, appearance, disappearance, mental and so much more.

Please enjoy the Toyota world of magic.

Dimensions Approximately 1 3/4" x 5" x 3 1/2" (4.5cm x 12.75cm x 9cm)