Our Wedding - July 18, 2005

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, two people touched by each other's love dreamt of being wed in a Castle.  Well dreams can come true. Come on a photo journey of the special day.  It all begins in a Chapel high atop an extinct volcano in the city of Edinburgh. St Margaret's Chapel, circa 1120 ad. is the oldest building in Edinburgh and at the highest point of the Castle.

Two black cars slowly wind up the cobble stone streets, past many security check points, through the tunnels to the top of castle hill, the highest point of the castle, and finally arrive at the Chapel.  A brief tense moment as the main car pulls away with the Wedding Rings still in the back seat, but the very fast acting security team was able to intercept the car before it exited the castle, and retrieve the rings in short time.  All was set.




We were blessed to have Rev. Norman Faulds, a minister from the Church of Scotland to perform the ceremony in St Margaret's Chapel. Norman, as he prefers to be called, was not just a Minister, but instantly a friend.  There are things in life that you cannot choose, they are just meant to be.  We were ready to begin.

At One O'clock there was a sudden and load rapport thus signaling the commencement of the ceremony.  The One O'clock Gun, fired by Staff Sergeant Tom Mackay, MBE, is the longest serving District Gunner of all time. Known affectionately as "Tam the Gun" he has been firing the gun since 1978. 

Piper John MacKintosh was already in place and ready. He plays to lead celebrants up a windy path and make way to the tiny tenth century chapel, which was until just recently reserved for Royal and Military Weddings, and thus begins a union based in Love, and built on Honor, Trust, Loyalty and Respect.



In attendance as Maid of Honor - Jacqueline De Luca,  Best Man - Thom Dunlap, and Adam Montgomery as Jacqueline's escort.  Reverend Norman Faulds officiated and we cant thank him enough for such a beautiful ceremonyThe weather turned out perfect ( a bit breezy as you can see from the wind blown look we all had, but so wonderful), and if you believe in things that were meant to be, this was one of them. A beautiful beginning to a lifetime promise.





The tourists all wanted a picture with the bride.  In many cultures it is good luck to be photographed with the bride. We accommodated them, it was fun.












The final stop was the Witchery, right outside the Castle gates, with a unique history. Witches were held here before the trials, and eventual executions in the Castle. Now one of the finest hotels and restaurants in all of Scotland. There are 4 beautiful suites up a circular stone staircase in a turret, and a fitting way to end a beautiful week in Edinburgh.


And so it was written! 

The beginning.